5 Factors that Affect App Development Costs

  • Jun 06, 2017
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App Development Costs

New technologies have inevitably become a part of our everyday life. Could we imagine ourselves carrying mobile devices everywhere and keeping all necessary information in one smartphone? Now, mobile programming is not a science fiction. This is a part of reality each of us has in his pocket. And if it’s closer than ever, what affects the price of one marvelous application?

1. Mobile Dream Team

This is the first question you should ask yourself – how do you imagine a perfect development team? We already have some initial information for you on how many superheroes you may have at one place.

This is how a basic team looks like:

  • 2 frontend developers (at least)
  • backend developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineer
  • project manager

As for an extended team, it differs in the number of programmers (2-4 per one platform), plus you may need a specialist for an admin panel.

2. Technical Challenges

Android and iOS developers face numerous features of technical complexity on their way to a perfect application. Here are the main ones:

Backend Development

Backend is a part of app development process, which is the farthest from a user. It enables to exchange information between a mobile application and a server. Nowadays, some specialists state that a good developer should be good at both frontend and backend. But the disputes haven’t subsided yet, that’s why we divide the process of development into two basic parts.

Work With the Admin Panel

In any case, an admin panel is a handy implement, with which a developer performs different operations in the application, manages content and user activity, views stats, etc.

On the one hand, it can be hard to find a suitable admin template. But it is necessary if you’re searching for loyal users.

Application development

Feature Integration

Depending on a product, an application might need some additional functionality. There are ready-to-go solutions on the market. There are Stripe or Braintree if you want to create an app with payment functions. If social media sharing is on your mind, turn to Facebook, Twitter, or other similar APIs.

In-app Purchases

As we all buy on the Internet, purchases with a smartphone is not a rare phenomenon anymore. Adding this feature to your product, you add more tasks for developers and increase the development cost.

Hardware Components

Presently, you can find a bunch of various hardware components in a smartphone. Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers, barometers are only a few members of a huge hardware family. If your product needs integration with such tools, think about how it can influence your spending.

3. Devices and Platforms They Work On

In some aspects, working in iPhone application development means a shorter row of decisions. A specialist deals with the latest and previous (6, 6S, 5C, 5S) versions of iPhone devices and the latest and previous (9 or 8) versions of iOS.

iPhone application development

The decision-making is not the same when developing Android products. Actually, the process is far more complex and includes three factors choosing a mobile device:

  • devices specific to a chosen market
  • the size of the market share that each Android manufacturer has
  • preferences of a customer

It is the same with “sweet” Android OS versions: Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat.

More device types mean more time spent on adapting an app for different resolutions, screen sizes, hardware features, and more. Nevertheless, you can choose only the most popular devices – this way you’ll prevent the end price from rising too high.

4. Custom Design

This is how you’re going to attract your loyal customers – the app’s design is the first thing a user assesses after downloading your product from an app store. It’s obvious that a custom user interface costs more than the one built from standard components.

There are numerous features which affect the price: buttons, tabs, themes, icons, or any other things that come to your mind.

Custom web design

5. Post-Release Activity

Finishing with all app development services doesn’t usually mean getting the final result. After creating a perfect mobile solution, you should plant it into a favored soil. By this, we mean further updates of the application, customer and legal support, cloud services, and a marketing aspect including promotion activities.

Post-release expenses are not an initial part of your spending, unlike other factors mentioned above. However, they are also provided by many web/mobile application development companies.

Creating a Mobile Future at All Costs

Smartphone boom has built a lot of opportunities for the IT sector. Thanks to mobile startups, we have all needed data at hand and can easily operate it. Now, it is possible to embody the bravest ideas on mobile devices. But before we go any further, it’s necessary to consider the price of development activities.

Whether you’re into mobile business or game development, there are 5 factors you begin with: the size of the development team, necessary technical tasks, platforms and devices, an attractive design, and post-release spending. Your project is hidden behind these several words, so don’t be afraid to pull off the curtain.


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