5 Tips on How to Manage a Remote Development Team

  • Feb 23, 2017
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To hire or not to hire? This question arises when businesses are in search of a remote company. There are a lot of threats which may scare the clients – from breaking deadlines, lack of control to inability to check the work on each and every step. But, as sometimes the only way is to cooperate with a remote team, it is of a high importance to know which pitfalls may await you and how to sort everything out.

That is why we would like to talk about management of a remote development team and share some useful tips.

First Things First: Let’s Find a Team

We believe that the most crucial questing is picking the correct remote team. Now you need to put off all fears and prejudice about working with outsourcing companies. Take a deep breath and start searching. How will you do this?

Well, there are different options:
1) getting in touch with a development company recommended by friends
2) using freelance websites
3) letting your HR crew do the job
4) Googling etc.

All-in-all, the main task is to find a company you can rely on and learn how to trust because otherwise the collaboration won’t lead to positive results.

Find remote team

1. Means of Control and Management

How to control people who don’t work in the same building with you and might live in the other part of the world? Thank God, it’s 21st century and we have a lot of useful team collaboration tools and services. Since you’ve started working with such a team, set a remote work policy, make a precise plan of what and when MUST be done. See what outsourcing stuff has done via using the shared documents or special programs as Trello, Slack or contacting the team by Skype.

2. Discussing Your Goals

When you delegate certain authorities to another party you need to depict the project’s aims to define duties. As everything is clearly stipulated you have more leverages of control because the outsourcing company is given a pretty strict list of what must be performed. So, it is up to you on which exactly stage you will request a report or app’s sketch etc.

3. Talking About Deadlines

Setting deadlines is a perfect remote team management example. Obviously, there is no way to escape them, one thing you need to do is to specify what and when is DONE. Yes, done, not planning to be done or stuck in the creative process. Your position must be strict here, as you don’t want your website or app to be launched later. Discuss with the remote team’s project manager when you will have the report day and how often you will contact.

Web development deadline

4. Planning Budget

To make virtual management more clear, spell out your budget as thoroughly as possible. Make the payment plan and inform the team when and how much money they should get for the job performed.

5. Motivation and Perks

Leading virtual teams may seem tough. But add to the previous points some motivation factors and everything will work out. Think of team building activities for remote teams, make them feel like they are part of your firm, think of monetary & non-monetary perks, take into account time zone differences. Think what you can offer in case of the successful project – extra-payment, future collaboration etc.

Follow these easy steps and we believe that cooperation with a remote development team will bring you only productive and positive experience!


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