6 Benefits of Using Node.js For Web Applications

  • Jul 26, 2017
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Node.js for Web Applications

It’s always hard to be innovators and find the place among more experienced colleagues. But it looks like Node.js has completed this task with ease – startups along with big enterprises gave it a warm welcome. There must have been some reasons for this small revolution in the IT-world, so it’s the right time to reveal all secrets of Node.js success.

What is Node.js?

This is an open source server-side platform, which was built on Chrome’s Javascript runtime (V8 Engine). Basically, Node.js was created to fasten and simplify the process of building web applications. It was first launched in 2009, and within the latest version (January 2017), Node.js projects work on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

Node.js was created to fasten and simplify the process of building web applications. Click To Tweet

But this definition barely gives us a full view of all strong sides Node.js has. Let’s dig deeper to get the answers.

1. The Speed Will Surprise You

Node.js performance is pretty fast – this feature is a huge plus in the world where time is a priceless resource. The platform doesn’t waste a single moment to form numerous threads and creates one multipurpose solution. Using this single thread, Node.js deals with asynchronous I/O processes. All other important actions will also perform faster: network connections, cooperating with the database, etc.

Application speed

2. Node.js Gladly Works With Real-time Projects

If real-time applications are your true passion, Node.js knows how you could create more great projects and be more productive. Imagine the world where you build a real-time app as fast as a blog in PHP. Now, open your eyes and use Node.js! This is a leader in creating games and messengers.

3. You Will Get a Dynamic Tool

As it was mentioned before, Node.js is an open source solution with an unlimited source of improvements. The number of available modules is also rather striking – there are almost 70 000 of them. The trust Node.js got from developers makes its community grow and prosper. And soon we will probably see the day when Node Package Manager (NPM) beats Ruby on Rails (RoR).

4. Data Streaming Makes You More Productive

What lies in the heart of HTTP requests and responses? This is how data streaming looks like!

Javascript node gives technicians an amazing chance to work on files while they are being uploaded. Needless to say, it reduces much time of processing. Who would win in the end? This benefit is really helpful for those who encode visual real-time content.

Node.js Benefits

5. With Node.js You Also Get a Proxy Server

Developers can use the platform to proxy a certain set of services. This is a valuable feature for those companies which don’t have their own proxy infrastructure yet. For example, if you want to create a server-side app which will store images or collect data, Node.js will function as a proxy server.

6. Hosting is Not a Problem Anymore

As more specialists become supporters of Node.js, the hosting issue has also been on the agenda. Presently, we may say that the problem is solved, and Heroku and Modulus (PaaS providers) allowed any kinds of the node development.

It looks like we’re now facing a great solution for Javascript developers. Node.js requires minimum efforts from its users but instead gives a full-dress set of instruments to speed up the process of creation.

So don’t hesitate to contact us at info@sliceart.com.ua if you are looking for Node.js developers for back-end of your web application.


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