6 Reasons to Use AngularJS Framework for App Development

  • Jun 20, 2017
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AngularJS Framework

If Angular.js were a woman, it would have a C+ cup and would be wearing the famous Chanel black dress. Elegant, classy and without unnecessary complications – a perfect solution for app developers whose work life got too old-school. Revolutionary, young and intriguing Angular.js is powered by Google and gives you 6 reasons to seriously consider it for position of your favorite framework for app development.

1. It Has Friends

Angular.js is developed and maintained by Google. But not only by Google. Hundreds of individuals and corporations challenged by developing single-page applications unified their forces to build a universal instrument missioned to facilitate their daily full of imperfections routine.

The community is developing and is constantly expanding its web presence. At the moment there is a dedicated Angular Slack Chat that is available both in web and mobile formats. «Made by nerds , and for nerds», Angular Slack Chat is a place where one not only can take a step out of his social phobia vicious circle but also learn something new and grow professional skills.

2. It Understands Your Silence

We all know the best friend is the one you can share complete silence with and you both will still be on the extremum pitch of mutual understanding. Angular.js won’t need your heavily-coded explanations, it understands your declarative style and doesn’t get offended at all – you just have to code the final result and Angular.js will perform the rest of the job itself.

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3. It Loves SPA

Don’t expect Angular.js to give you full body massage every time you sit at the table. Neither is it good at stone therapy. But it possesses a maximum number of SPA-oriented features a front-end app framework can possess. Its from validation capabilities are perhaps the most outstanding as Angular.js has a set of build-in validators, but gives you room for creation of your own customized error handing validators.

Moreover, while being based on HTML code, Angular.js complements the well-known pattern with authentic attributes, and filters the input data and values so that in the final you get a user-friendly, «net» product.

4. It’s Flexible

Yes, with Angular you are not limited to one only module, unless don’t need more. Angular gives you a chance to realize your democratic right to combine any modules in any ways, no matter if you want them to be bonded or fully independent.

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5. It Offers You More

Perhaps, the most widely discussed and praised feature of Angular.js is the two-way data binding, which became a long-expected revolutionary relief of templating duties. Alternatively, you see the templates in well-known HTML in correlation with the data boxed in the chosen scope. The scope feature is designed in a way that allows immediate detection of any changes in the model section and following automatic modification of the initial HTML expressions.

As this principle works both ways, any changes in the view cause automatic alteration of the model, which fully excludes the necessity of extensive DOM manipulation.

6. It Doesn’t Have Secrets

Angular was developed with testability concerns paid due respect. The developers of the framework claim they haven’t left you any excuses for not testing. Module separation feature makes it feasible to run automatic testing by just loading only necessary services. Built-in dependance injections allow you omit global variables that could influence the results of other tests.

Moreover, Angular.js works perfectly well with Jasmine and Karma tools, which if applied in combination with Angular.js in-built testing directives and filters give reliable and valid testing results.


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