6 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Be on WordPress

  • Sep 12, 2017
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Blogging is a true passion of the modern society. At the very beginning, people liked blogs as they were the place to share personal thoughts. But things have gone way further since then. Now, writers know how to earn money from blogging and search for the best platforms to use.

Our today conversation is about WordPress, one of the leaders on the blogosphere market. We will tell you about the features that make this platform so special.

#1 You Get the Best Design Solutions

No matter what goals you’re going to achieve, the first thing you think about is attractive design.

Dealing with WordPress, you have three ways to go:

  1. Use a free theme
  2. Buy a premium product
  3. Hire a WordPress designer

You would probably pick the first or second option – and we understand why. There is a huge number of marketplaces where you can get the right WordPress themes for bloggers. All of them are created for different purposes and can be customized at your needs.

Other similar platforms don’t have this easy access to the design solutions and such an impressive variety of themes to choose.

WordPress has easy access to the design solutions and an impressive variety of themes to choose. Click To Tweet


#2 Plugins Become Your Personal Helpers

Next, we would like to see what a WordPress page has under the hood. The thing is the platform has been a home for nearly a quarter of existing websites – so we’re sure you have lots of useful tools for blogging needs.

Plugins that might help you:

  • OptionMonster –for lead capture
  • Yoast SEO Premium – for advanced SEO work
  • Restrict Content Pro – for membership organization
  • Events Calendar – for selling tickets, etc.

Simply put, plugins act as applications on your mobile phone – when you need some additional work to do, WordPress has a great experience in it. It looks like all blog pages are well-equipped, so you can take care only of the content you want to publish.

On other platforms, you would probably spend some time on creating your own set of implements.

#3 You Have a Solution Easy to Manage and Modify

Forget about any worries on managing your WordPress blog. Even if you have never worked with CMS platforms, WordPress will surprise you with its user-friendly organization.

When you get to grips with simple text posting, pay your attention to the multimedia content. Nowadays, words are hardly enough, so you can add illustrations, videos, audio recordings, and more. With WordPress, you’ve got an in-built media library solution – it’s also easy to manage when uploading and inserting files.

Such an attractive approach gives more motivation for bloggers while blog readers get more engaging information to learn.

Wordpress Blog

#4 You’re Provided with Qualified SEO Services

You finally have a cool blog – it’s time to share the news with everyone. If you choose blogging for money, SEO can be a route of your business activity. And don’t worry – WordPress will do the job for you. It is a great CMS (Content Management System) allowing any WordPress post to be easily found in Google.

And we’ve already mentioned Yoast SEO Premium which has a younger brother Yoast SEO. These plugins and the WordPress platform make a magic combo for blog creators.

#5 You Feel Safer with Reliable Backups

If you want to feel safe, you take care of a reliable backup system. WordPress offers several backup tools for your choice – and all of them work flawlessly. When the most of the platforms only send your database to a remote area, WordPress knows how to deal with all files from your blog.

The tools you need in this case:

  • BackupBuddy
  • UpdraftPlus
  • VaultPress

With VaultPress, for example, you have no boundaries on the size of data saving. Moreover, backups are done every hour in any circumstances.

Wordpress Security

#6 You May Ask for Support and Answers on the Go

You should always remember that WordPress is a vivid community since it’s an open source solution. With WordPress account, you have an access to the user forum – and there is almost no limit to the number of volunteers ready to help.

Another option is personal communication with your hosting provider. And finally, you have so many articles on the web dedicated to issues with WordPress – all questions will get their answers.

Bloggers Are Excited About WordPress

We hope now you have all answers if you’re in search of the easiest way to start a blog. WordPress is a place offering many opportunities and opening new horizons. After all, we all want to work with a reliable partner – so don’t let your time get wasted. Classy design and a full package of supportive tools are waiting for you at WordPress.


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