9 Tips on How to Create a High Converting Landing Page

  • Jul 11, 2017
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High Converting Landing Page

Nowadays, we don’t have much time for idle talking. Meeting potential customers, we go straight to the point and tell them about new improvements and piping hot solutions. How to achieve much effectiveness without losing precious seconds and minutes? Creating a new landing page is the answer.

What is a landing page?

It’s quite a natural question to ask next. Imagine a place on the web where you meet clients, have conversations with them, and close deals. Both sides save time and efforts to get desired benefits. Moreover, a successful landpage works as a lead magnet if done with skills and clear goals.

Let’s figure out what a high converting landing page should consist of.

1. Devise a Killing Headline

A headline is your starting point. These are a few words that give understanding to your main message and capture the public’s attention. So, remember these three rules while sorting out headline ideas:

  1. It’s great if you can explain yourself shortly: think about 10 most important words that describe purposes of this landpage.
  2. Be understandable. A customer should not have a question like “What am I doing here?”
  3. You have only several words to grab someone’s attention, so it’s okay to use additional pictures and illustrations.

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In this landing page example, you don’t see witty remarks, but you know exactly what this business can offer you.

Landing page example


2. Be Good at Writing a Subheadline

You succeeded with the headline and grabbed lots of attention. How to make people stay after that? Explain yourself in a subheadline:

  1. Don’t go too far: start a more detailed subheadline under the main headline.
  2. It’s normal if you put more details and really fascinating facts here.
  3. Don’t be afraid to add a little more persuasiveness: you want clients to stay and know exactly what they need.

3. Spice It With Pictures

A person perceives information in pictures much faster (it takes about 0.25 seconds for the brain to process visual content) than the one in letters. Why wouldn’t we apply this fact building a landing page? Photos and illustrations here should have a big size and hence have a high quality.

Don’t make people looking for a hidden meaning – show precisely what you’re doing. Even if it’s a service, make pictures vivid and representing the main concept of your project.

Landing page creation

4. Attach Importance to Colors

A business owner who knows at least some facts on the psychology of color will sure apply this knowledge in his landing pages.

  • Background color: it should be nice and light not to interfere with the color of the text and, at the same time, contrast well with the letters.
  • Link color: feel free to experiment here. But if you’re not sure where to start, use blue to underline links and maroon for a followed link – we all know this classical approach.
  • CTA (call-to-action) color: make a deeper research on how you’re going to use a color palette on the landpage. For example, pink is often used by brands that want to target women. For selling digital devices, blue is more appropriate as it means trust.

5. Describe the Core Proposition or All Benefits

Another key point of a perfect landing solution is the list of its crucial benefits. Here you can tell more about your project and how it’ll make the world a better place. Focus on the customers, not your own expectations. Don’t say “We have”, say “You will have working with us” instead.

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6. Mention Successful Collaborations

A great tip to boost your conversion rate is to share testimonials of the happy customers. Of course, this part comes with time as startups don’t have much experience to share. But always keep in mind this option as it can be the evidence of your hard work for potential clients and yourself.

These are three truths about testimonials on your landing page:

  1. They should be real. There’s no need to say more.
  2. Use photos of those who’re ready to prove your well-done work.
  3. Facts should be specific consisting of real data and numbers.

Landing page

7. Tell About All Possible Methods of Contact

How will a client make a contact with you? Think about all possible methods! First and foremost, there should be a physical address and a phone number on the landing page. But it’s not a limit for sure. If you also add an e-mail address and a contact form, there are more chances to be closer to the customer.

Another great feature on many landing pages now is a popup with a live chat. Think carefully if your business really needs it. Add a popup to your page design and become highly communicative.

8. Create an Attractive CTA Button

What else is there? The last vitally important element is a powerful call to action.

To make your CTA perfect, stick to these rules:

  1. It should be big enough.
  2. Make the lettering on the button vivid and attractive, don’t use usual “Submit” – go further and make up your own unique appeal.
  3. And, finally, use contrasting colors. The CTA button is a part of your corporate style, so treat it accordingly.

Looking for landing page inspiration, check Help Scout’s page. The CTA is situated right under user benefits. And we may say that not only the button but also the whole district of the CTA has a contrasting color.

Call to action example


9. Build a Logical Flow of the Page

We’ve discussed the key elements of any landing page, but it’s up to you what will be included eventually. There is a typical logical sequence that should be in your mind: a headline with an explanation (a subheadline), benefits, then testimonials and a call to action.

The CTA button can be located not only below the page but also in the middle or just at the headline – to make the user’s way easier. And if you have something to add with a unique design solution, it’s okay to break the order somehow.

The Art of Successful Landing Pages

Sometimes, landing pages are called sales pages. Well, yes, it can become a strong sales instrument if you make some efforts. Nowadays, Internet platforms can be the only intermediaries between a business project and a final customer. That’s why basic elements of a landing page are those constituents you need to close numerous successful deals.

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