Effective Communication in Outsourcing Projects

  • Apr 18, 2017
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Communication in Outsourcing

The right way to communicate with each other is the opportunity to understand a partner better. Needless to say, for business life, communication is vitally important – each day of a partnership is one more step to final benefits.

In outsourcing projects, getting to grips with a new companion will influence your everyday results, achievements, and the future you may have with this concrete outsourcing company. This simple truth is common for all sectors including software development.

Let’s look closer at the basic problems and their solutions if we want to have an effective conversation.

Be Ready for Diversity and Cultural Differences

In terms of globalization, learning more about cultural differences between you and your partner may be a key to a mutual sympathy. All factors are important here: geolocation, cultural background, and professional knowledge.

Sometimes, cultural gaps are not the riskiest blunders in communication. Considering the aspect of culture, we must be careful with processes that have an influence on business activity. Lack of understanding can eventually lead to a misapprehension of commitments, plans, or schedules. Also, be careful with any additional comments or actions because they can lead to the unwanted tension inside the outsourced team.

Cultural differences

What to do: explain the requirements and ask light questions. Answering correctly, your partners will prove that you are on the same wave and will act accordingly. It is also recommended to put in charge a specialist who has an experience in working in the multicultural environment.


Language is a part of cultural aspect that deserves some special attention. Working on the project, you will probably find out that English as an international language differs from one sector to another. For instance, software developers might be keen on technical terms and processes. At the same time, project managers have a high level of language knowledge in general. Always remember about these peculiarities when struggling with language barriers.

What to do: avoid any form of colloquial words and phrases. Instead, use simple, business form of English.

Know Your Expectations

Sharing expectations with one another is an essential part of business communication. When you know what language to speak and in what manner, being sincere is the next step to a certain level of trust.

What to do: be brave to share all your goals and explain them in details. Let your partner have a clear idea of his work and responsibilities so you could achieve success in short terms. This approach leads to precise communication preventing rework, delays, and other bumps in the road. And don’t forget to ask your partners if they need necessary materials and samples for their work.

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Communication channels

Talking Points of Communication

Time to talk and time to work – these two aspects should be considered from the very beginning. How not to become tired of talking? This is the question to project managers. The necessity of having a skillful project management grows with the size of your project. The frequency of communication is something you have to keep in mind and take care of.

What to do: the thing is frequency varies depending on the client and project. This talking point should be discussed from the very beginning – so that both sides will know when they have deadlines, ask questions, and show results.

Communication Channels

The frequency of conversations raises issues on the individual method of communication. This is also a task for project managers. Here are the factors you have to take into consideration: establishing communication channels and making a schedule.

What to do: the final message should be sent right to the recipient and via established channel. Depending on the time zones and geolocation, these channels could be the email, phone, virtual meeting room, or face to face. It is more convenient to have a one-to-one channel meaning communication between two project managers from both sides. It is also important to create one standardized form of messages – so that a partner could easily find the key points in the letter.

As for the schedule, the talks’ timetable is a part of an overall working process which should be flexible and available to both sides.

Successful partnership

The Importance of Hearing and Listening

No matter what professional skills your team has or wants to outsource, we always go back to the basic point of a successful partnership – a well-built communication strategy. As all human beings live in the society, we have to create a pleasant social environment in our business life too.

Starting with respect to the diversity of cultural traits, we end up on the professionalism of one project manager. Make your startup open to the big world with all its variety of faces, personalities, and, of course, business approaches.


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