Email Campaign from Start to Finish: a Beginner’s Guide

  • Jun 13, 2017
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Online business is more than popular right now. It’s made of many components and one of them is reaching the clients via direct email marketing. And as not everybody is acquainted with how to do email marketing, we decided to prepare a step-by-step guide.

1. Choosing the Mass Email Sender Service

We’ve already written about Online Tools for Creating Email Templates. Using such an email newsletter service you can kick start your email marketing campaign.

Think of the volumes and sphere of your business, needs of the campaign, target audience and the price you are ready to pay. Not to get mixed up, let’s see how everything will work on the example of Mailchimp.


2. Set Your Goals and Needs for the Email

Depending on the type of business/service you may have different aims – get connected with your customers, involve them into the conversation, offer information about sales, keep updated and so on. Basing on this you will think of email marketing ideas: either you need to send confirmation emails, promotion campaigns, feedback forms, personalized emails etc.

Base your email marketing ideas on the type of your business, target audience and goals. Click To Tweet

3. Work With Quantity & Quality

Think of quantity: decide who is going to receive your emails. Even if you are the new one in the business and have only 20 subscribers you still need to start somewhere.

Take care of quality: sending emails 5 times a day doesn’t mean your clients receive proper information. See about content at the first place and send mails approximately 2-3 times per week.

MailChimp for designers

4. Start Creating the Email Marketing Campaign

Alike to other services, Mailchimp offers different pricing plans to better satisfy your needs (there is a free trial as well). Once you purchased one and logged in you can start creating the email campaign at the Campaign page. At this page you have an opportunity to build your marketing campaign from head to toe.

  • Pick from email campaign templates. You can also add banded templates in order to extend every section, use saved templates, code your own and do many more.
  • Add content. Choose from the Drag and Drop option or Classic templates. Then simply add text or pictures to your email.
  • Edit styles. Mailchimp offers several variants to edit text: editor toolbar, design or settings tab.
    Note that the view, form and content of the email you’ve just created needs to represent the main aim of your campaign. Don’t forget to test your email before sending to actual clients.

Email marketing campaign

5. Adding “Tracking Pixel”

Some of you heard of it, some didn’t. But long story short, this magic pixel helps reading off information about: if the intended client received the mail, how long your email was opened, if the customer clicked the link and so on.

6. Preparing the Checklist

After the email service is chosen, the target audience is picked and the email template is built, it’s the high time to work with the email campaign checklist. Why it’s so important? It helps you avoid any errors, always put all the needed information, make the marketing campaign more effective.

As you have a lot of work to do to create a beautiful email campaign we’ve already prepared the Email Campaign Checklist. Just click to view and use it!

View Email Checklist

7. Monitor Your Results

After preparing all the email marketing lists and emails and sending them, it’s time to look through analytics (do it about in a month since the first campaign was sent). Read through the analytics to know more about sales and engagement. Learn more about click-through, opening rates and which emails were the most effective.

Due to metrics you will know how to build new campaign in the better and more efficient way and get more response.

MailChimp reports

To build online business that works well you will have to create email marketing campaign and send newsletter to your client. With these easy steps you have an idea how to start the campaign and now may think about email software service that suits your needs better, widening some points from this list or, perhaps, adding some new. Anyway, we wish you good luck with your first (or, maybe not) campaign and hope every single email will reach the client.


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