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  • Sep 18, 2017
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Any startup dreams of a great professional startup team! All of the brave ideas and thoughts, resolute decisions, and effective actions can hardly come out of thin air. Besides, sooner or later, any entrepreneur needs a hand to achieve more results in a shorter period of time.

That’s why we’re here today. Where should you start and where can you find those ambitious Guardians of Your Business Galaxy?

1. Your Own Responsibilities

Okay, you know that there is something in the business routine, which is better to be done faster (or more often). If this necessity you bear in mind day after day, it’s time to discuss it with a co-founder or a partner you work with.

Usually, when two people decide to work together, they have different strong and weak features. On this stage, it’s important to define those business aspects each of you wants to be responsible for in the future. For example, if you’re more interested in technologies, and your partner is better at marketing activities, use it for your benefit.

When it’s done, two of you should decide what people are needed now and what responsibilities you’re ready to take upon yourselves as team players.

Dedicated team

2. Key Positions in Your Startup Team

Maybe this step is easy for you, but don’t be hasty. There are some main aspects you need to ask yourself building a team from scratch:

  • One person can’t know everything. Find out where are the gaps in your knowledge and write them down.
  • When you have a list in front of you, decide which points really need a qualified helping hand.
  • How much time does each of these points take? This way, you’ll understand you need a full-time or a part-time employee.
  • Would a freelancer or a contractor work be better in your case?

3. The Sum of Money You’re Ready to Spend

All successful startups might have been there – you surely need more hands but don’t have a huge budget to hand out big salaries. Well, everything comes with time. And while time flies, here are some ideas for startups with a tight budget:

  • Find some space for perks as they can be a point of attraction for new employees.
  • Some candidates would prefer working remotely. This option could also be convenient for your startup at the beginning and later on.
  • Consider offering stock options if it’s possible in your situation.
  • Establish timelines after which an employee would get an improved package.

Project Budget

4. Resources to Find the Right Candidate

Sometimes, the right team people come to us in unexpected ways. This can be a great part of your company’s history, but you should always have reliable sources for the search:

  1. Personal contacts. Don’t go too far at the beginning – try to ask your friends and colleagues for necessary information. The easiest way to do this is to use social network services. Just write a post and ask certain people to share it – you’ve probably done something like this.
  2. Job boards. Let’s go a little further now using broader online platforms. Various job boards are the places where people come to meet someone like you – an employer of their dream. Such Internet boards are the most convenient way to find remote employees (for example, web development companies).
  3. Networking. It is time for tete-a-tete conversations. Here we mean all possible offline activity you have in stock: you can visit specific events for professionals you’re looking for. Nowadays, there are meetings for lots of types of employees – just use your browser to find event dates!

5. Personal & Professional Characteristics of Team Members

When you know what specialists you’re looking for, you also have a list of necessary professional skills for each position in the team. Such lists can be quite long, and this is a subject for a more detailed conversation. But what we can discuss now are three basic characteristics of any team member. You may call them personal, but they inevitably influence any working activity.

Talent. It’s such a great gift to have an ability to do something better than others. Choose those people who know their strong sides and ready to share it with you. Owning one craft is much more effective than being a jack-of-all-trades. Maybe the last option seems more tempting for you now, but you will surely appreciate unique talents in longer perspectives.

Remote team

Passion. It’s not enough to do something really good if you don’t care about the final result. People working for a startup should know the final goal and imagine its embodiment. This is the place where a startup culture starts to grow, so you should take care of the first seeds in the ground.

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Dedication. Passion and dedication are very close concepts in business life. Their combination is critically important for young business models, which desperately need someone to believe in them. Don’t think that you’re the only one who should have faith in your startup. Be brave to share your ideas during interviews – and you’ll see how many supporters you can have!

Aspects to Consider Hiring a Remote Development Team

If you know that your neat startup can’t live without proper software, consider hiring a remote development team – this is much cheaper and more effective than hiring a developer to the office. At the beginning, try to tell companies the same story with the same tasks – it’s a fundament for evaluating candidates.

And these are three topics for your interviews:

  1. Curiosity to accomplish a task. It is similar to the “passion” aspect we’ve discussed before. Pay attention to the questions that a candidate has to you. Does he think the same way as you or maybe ahead of you? It is important especially when you have overseas partners.
  2. Available time and efforts. Check out whether a team really has time to manage a new task and doesn’t have plenty of work to do with other clients.
  3. English is a must. An international language is a key to a mutual understanding in business. To avoid time and money leaks, make sure that you literally speak to employees the same language.

Startup meeting

Two (Three, Four) Heads are Better than One

If you truly believe in the work you’re doing, you’ll definitely find the right people to support you. Just bear in mind the perfect picture of your team and associate it with the startup ideas. On the way to a dream team, use all possible resources in your armory including social networks and personal contacts. Your future business partner may be even overseas, so don’t be afraid to spread your horizons and think globally.

If your startup is on the stage of building a team and you don’t want to spend time on selecting the right candidates, please contact us at . We will match you with an already formed and dedicated team of specialists ready to contribute to your product development.


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