How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Business

  • Jun 27, 2017
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Your own website identifies that you have serious intentions to stay on the market. And if you’re even at the beginning of the way, you might have heard about WordPress. This is a famous solution to create all kinds of websites. It seems so convenient at first, but be careful. An experienced business owner knows that choosing the best WordPress theme can be a tricky deal.

We are going to start with the right direction. The path we’ve chosen will help you understand basic principles of choosing perfect WordPress layouts.

The first version of WordPress was published in 2003. It took a dozen of years to make such a multipurpose solution for everyone. Now, it is an open source platform with numerous innovations coming every day.

Let’s look more closely at the basic instructions if you decide to cooperate with WordPress.


1. Always Stay Simple

Simplicity is a trend that penetrates into all fields of our lives. After all, why would we need lots of old stuff or tons of extra information? The same concerns the life of your business on the web. You will probably find numerous vivid WordPress themes with colorful animations and complex structures. When you see them, stay sharp – always ask yourself whether this web environment is simple and user-friendly.

How does a theme serve for users and business owners? Customers shouldn’t spend much time to find the right information – on the other hand, entrepreneurs should achieve their main goals with ease.

This is an example of a simple WordPress theme called “Shape”.

WordPress theme Shape


2. Responsive Means Caring

Why is it caring? Responsive approach always thinks about the user convenience. Computer screens, tablets, mobile devices – the best themes will easily adapt to the habits of customers.

It’s not a secret that web traffic depends a lot on the handheld devices. They can take even more than a half of your traffic considering the topic of your website. So, being mobile friendly is not a choice – it’s the way of business thinking.

3. Make Friends with All the Browsers

Choosing a theme for your business, keep in mind browser compatibility. It’s not enough if it works on one browser – check them all. Of course, WordPress developers take a good care about their product, and they mention it in the theme description. But if you don’t have any information on the tests that have been made, it’s necessary to conduct them by yourself.

The main browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari, must be checked on all possible devices – from a computer screen to a smartphone.

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Browser compatibility

4. Have a Key to the Plugins

The WordPress plugins look like a hidden superpower of this platform. You can do anything with your business theme and, therefore, with your website if you have the must-have instruments at hand.

These are top 5 WordPress plugins for the best corporate websites:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • BackupBuddy
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WPForms
  • OptinMonster

5. Consider International Communication

English is not a limit for international partnership. What language issues will you have working with a WordPress theme? Firstly, not all business owners choose English as their main language – it means the website should be translated. Secondly, it’s possible that your web page will become multilingual in future.

What we need in a good theme is a solution ready for translation, which has a set of multilingual plugins ready for globalization.

6. The Importance of SEO Force

Considering which WordPress theme to choose, don’t forget to look under the hood. The thing is even the most appropriate layout may cause great damages to the website’s performance. Usually, it happens because of malfunctions in HTML coding.

If you can’t handle such a thorough analyzing, pay attention to notes left by theme developers. Many premium products are optimized for SEO activities – and creators will let you know about it.

SEO for WordPress

7. Support Is Not an Empty Word

Corporate WordPress theme is a facade of your business on the web. If you have any questions on how to construct and maintain such a building, all answers should be received immediately.

If you’ve chosen a free WordPress theme, it’s possible you will solve all problems on your own. As for premium content, it has enough documents and a guarantee of a 1-year support.

Wide Choice Means Brave Thoughts

In the end, it depends solely on you what WordPress theme to choose. This is how you see yourself and the business environment around you. But intuition needs some rational advice – and we’ve just given you the basics you have to be aware of. Now, it’s the right time to take down the sails and head for new opportunities.

If you still have any questions on how to choose the right WordPress theme, contact us at and our WordPress developer will help you pick the theme that fits your business needs the best way.


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