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  • May 30, 2017
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Nowadays, when dynamic 21st century is increasing its speed with every day, in order to succeed, you need to have the best quality product, provided along with an outstanding customer service to create solid relationships between your brand and your customers.

However, how to choose the right web development company, that will help to reach your business goals and deliver your company’s message through the web presence to your potential customers in most efficient way?

We’ve prepared a useful checklist that will help you to make the right decision. So let’s start!

1. “How Do I Imagine the Final Result?”

You should clearly understand your business goals and the main aim of the project and what is more important – is how you are going to measure its success.

You could find some examples of similar projects, which you like and search for the agencies who have a proven track of experience with such kind of projects. Ask your potential agency to show their cases and let them describe their experience in meeting customer business goals.

Business strategy

2. Choose the One, Who Talks With You

Communication should become one of the main criterias, when choosing a web development company. They should speak with you, ask right questions to analyze your project needs and requirements and suggest different variants of the most appropriate solutions for your project development.

Communication should become one of the main criterias when choosing a web development company. Click To Tweet

Also, pay your attention if they answer your questions in a timely manner and are they willing to explain some technical aspects, that you might not understand along with benefits and disadvantages from using one or another solution.

3. Check Their Company’s Website and Portfolio

You should review precisely their corporate website as it must represent their best development experience and if it doesn’t draw you in, just look for another variant.

Also, check their portfolio and you will clearly understand what scope of the projects they can handle and if they have a customized approach to the each customer’s project.

Take a Look at Our Portfolio to See What We’ve Got!

Check Our Works

4. Corporate Culture and Reviews

Check what reputation they have among both customers and their employees. Agencies with strong and positive corporate culture usually have employees who are happy with their work and that means your project will be developed “with love”.

Corporate culture

Customers’ feedback is also very important, as you could understand what issues you can face, working with this particular agency, and to which scale customers’ expectations were satisfied. Don’t hesitate to ask for the current or prior references to make sure, that you are choosing a reliable contractor.

If they can’t provide such references due to the different reasons, make sure, that you could use Escrow account or some other safe method of payment to provide you with project guarantees, that everything will be finished according to your initial requirements and expectations.

5. Maintenance and Support

Ask them, if they provide all the needed maintenance and support after the project release.

6. Who Will Possess the Project’s Source Code?

Some companies keep the project’s code and it’s structure in the way, that their customers can only make some small changes and will need to go to the agency each time they will need some substantial changes of the project. However, if you own a code, you will be able to do anything you wish with your website at any time it is needed.

Project Source Code

7. What About Ongoing Relationships?

Do they value long-term relationships with their customers? Will they be happy to help you after the project release with some advice or consultation? Ask how many long-term clients do they have and you will be able to make a conclusion about the reliability of such cooperation and it’s further perspectives.

These were 7 main points, which should be considered during the web development agency choosing process. What we could add to this list? Simply, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions about their previous experience, internal processes and methodologies of the development, etc., as you might have. You have an absolute right to receive fair and full answers. Have a good experience with your choice!


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