How to Develop a Simple Hybrid App Using Ionic

  • Feb 24, 2017
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Hybrid application development

Technologies go further and right now phones often replace desktops and laptops. You can’t deny that they are powerful enough and have a lot of features and abilities of their bigger brothers. What’s more, there is a dozen of useful mobile apps that can be installed in order to help in so many aspects of your life.

So, why not talk about hybrid mobile apps and hybrid mobile development?

Hybrid app is basically a combination of a native mobile app (created for certain platforms) and web applications (targeted in multiple platforms). The common user won’t see the difference between mobile hybrid app or the native one. The only thing that matters – it can work offline, with your other apps, using your camera and so on.

Such kind of apps is widespread in gaming, fitness, social and some more categories. As you see, this app is popular, effective and widely-used. Let’s talk about what hybrid mobile app development tool may be used to build it.

Mobile application

A great solution will be Creator by Ionic. Basically, Ionic is a web resource that allows to build Android or iOS apps problemlessly and focusing on details you really need. Ionic mobile solutions offer easy front-end tools to create an app, trouble-free authentication for your users and some more stunning features.

Interested in how to get started with a mobile hybrid app? Let’s see a bit closer.

Drag & Drop

Believe it or not, you can make it in a few clicks. First, go to the Ionic Creator page. Sign in to get access to any tool you need. As soon as you did this, start to visualize – use so popular nowadays drag and drop technology to build your app. All the components will show up in the device emulator.

And in the end you get production ready HTML5. Moreover, besides the standard projects you are able to add your code.


Preview & Share

After you successfully made an app, you may think it looks and works flawlessly. Well, it not always may be true. That’s why Ionic gives an option of previewing and testing your app with its further sharing. Preview is enabled via “View app”.

Don’t hesitate to send newly created app to your colleagues and developers. Feedback is really important: listen more about strong and weak sides of your app in order to fix all bugs and make your client happy.

Preview of application

Export & Deploy

All-in-all you can easily upload fully working Ionic project directly to your device.

Export of Ionic project

Extra Perks

  • Coding becomes more simple. From this point of view, it means that you don’t need to leave the Creator itself to append custom dynamic functionality or certain tools like Analytics or Google Maps and more.
  • Preview your projects directly from your phone. Your move consists in downloading app to track the app. It sounds awkward but it works. Creator app gives you capabilities of interacting with your projects in real time.
  • No more need to manage different code bases and try to put everything together. Spend more time on creating the app, do it more accomplish. Enjoy this experience and let Creator do everything else for you.
  • For the full scale apps, Ionic offers Ionic Labs with a full set of tools to bring a solid, god-working and looking app to life.
  • Last but not least, Creator app is fully free and you can enjoy all the range of Creator’s tools with a free trial.

Ionic framework

As a conclusion, we’d like to say that keeping up with the latest needs of online business and development of technologies might be tough. That’s why we are so glad, that such resources like Creator exist. Don’t waste time any more and start building modern, qualitative apps without any problems.


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