How to Name Your App to Get More Downloads

  • Apr 05, 2017
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High quality development of your application is an important part, that influences the overall project’s success, but there exist one more crucial component of the project’s success. This part is application positioning and representing at the market.

What do you think, what is the main element of your application representing at the market? The answer is simple – your Application’s name. Choosing the appropriate and effective name for your application could become one of the most important decisions that will have a direct impact into your application’s success.

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Its name should not only reflect your application’s essence but also build a strong association for customers with your product. So how to choose the right name for your application? Let’s consider the following points.

Name for application

1. Main Idea Reflection and Memorizing Simplicity

Сhoose the name, that will perfectly describe your application. Include some elements of the core functionality into the name (e.g. PDF Expert, Calendars 5, etc.) for best customer’s understanding. Such name should be easy to remember and simple in pronunciation. This will increase your application’s chances for the success at the market.

It is important to remember, that many users will find your application by searching the App Store or Google Play, without using any direct links into them. The final decision about application’s downloading they will make, taking into account the visual sight of the application’s icon and its shortened name. That is why it is very important to use key words that will reflect application’s functionality and main idea, and don’t use any general words and phrases.

2. Brand Name Placement

It is not always a good idea to place a brand title at the beginning of the application’s name. If brand is not very popular, than it is better to place it to the middle or into the end of the name, and to use words that are more relevant at the beginning of the name.

The exception could be – if some of the key words are already included into the brand name (for ex. Hotellook).

Brand name placement

3. Check if Your Application Name is Unique

Make sure that your application’s name is unique and won’t duplicate any other application’s name at the market, because you don’t need any additional competitors.

4. Search Engine Optimization

The right SEO strategy will allow your application to stay relevant at the Google search. Try to include the most popular search requests into the keywords (you could use Google Adwords or any other similar service to find the most appropriate ones).

5. URL from the SEO Perspective

The direct link into your application is also a very important aspect from the Search Engine Optimization point of view. Your application’s name is used during the link generation by default. That is why it is very important not to use any special symbols, because the link could be generated in the wrong way.

App store

6. Description Formatting

Make sure, that description of your application doesn’t exceed the allowed limit. Don’t forget to highlight important features of your application (e.g. by using the list).

7. Application’s Category

Choosing the right category for your application is as important as name selection. The correct category brings you an access to the right target audience. Choose the category with the lowest competition. You could use such service as MobClix or any similar one to compare the level of competition between different categories.

8. Collect Some Feedback

Finally, ask your friends, which name option suits better from the external perspective. This will allow you to collect fair feedback, evaluate its results and make the final decision.

Mobile application strategy

Finally, remember, that appropriate name could have a great impact into the application’s success at the market, but the final impression on your customers will be made by the quality level of the application. Nevertheless, your application should be previously marked and evaluated after.

Create high quality applications with remarkable names and enjoy your success!


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