11 Things to Consider When Building a WordPress Blog

  • Nov 06, 2017
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How can you get 97% more links to your company’s website? No magic here – statistics states that a corporate blog would help. Let’s figure out where you can start and what steps you should make. We have gathered a thought or two on the right beginning of the WordPress blog. Believe us, WordPress platform mixed with a wise design can work miracles (and broaden your business horizons, of course).

Statistics states that a WordPress blog helps to get 97% more links to your company's website. Click To Tweet

1. Start a WordPress Blog with the Right Hosting

Before we tell the story about how to make your own blog, let’s stop on a good hosting. You can’t miss this step because the service of web hosting stores and displays all of the files you want to share with the readers. As we discuss WordPress here, pay attention to those hosting providers that support it.

2. Choose a Winning Domain Name

This is the first place where people will actually meet your blog – when reading you domain name. They already can make some judgments, so be careful and follow these rules:

  1. The name should be easy to remember.
  2. The spelling should be easy and widely known.
  3. Put the name of your brand or the main subject of the blog into the domain name.

Building a WordPress blog

3. Download and Set Up WordPress

Now, we’re finally starting a blog because we’re getting close to the dashboard with the main blog settings. To enter WordPress when you install it, you get a username, a login URL, and a password. The dashboard you see will eventually be your helper when creating blog pages and new posts.

This is the right time to think of the structure of your WordPress blog and discuss your demands with the web designer.

4. Include Searching and Divide the Content for Easier Navigation

When you create a WordPress blog, the most time you spend building the right structure and considering all necessary elements for comfortable reading. Working with content should be easy and entertaining – let’s start with a search line and categorization.

Starting a WordPress blog

When a visitor appears on the home page of your WordPress blog, he may be interested in a specific subject at this very moment. This subject can be broad enough and become a certain category, or it can be a material of one article. In any case, the data should be found easily and within a few seconds.

5. Let Visitors Share What They Read

As the whole world is now connected via social media, it’s vitally important to give people an opportunity share your materials right from the web page. The most popular sharing buttons for blogs: Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. Consider other social links too depending on the audience you work with.

According to Shane Gibson, a social media and a social selling trainer, brands, which publish at least 15 posts a month and use social sharing, get 1,200 new leads a month.

Brands, which publish at least 15 posts a month and use social sharing, get 1,200 new leads a month! Click To Tweet

In our blog, we placed social buttons on both the preview page and page with a blog post.

Social sharing in blog

6. Show the Best You Have with Popular Posts

It’s a great way to catch someone’s attention when you create a blog – introduce your best posting practices to your visitors. This section can be useful for newcomers who are not sure what exactly they want to read next – they would rely on the opinion of other readers.

7. Encourage Visitors to Read More with Related Posts

Visiting once and staying for an hour – it’s possible if the visitor knows where to go. Show readers related posts that might be interesting for them. It will help you to improve the conversion rates and broaden the reading community of your blog.

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8. Take Care of Communication When Writing a Blog

If you want a visitor to become a client, start talking to your readers. Depending on the person’s goals, it may be a comment or a reaction to your CTA button. These are two starting points where you get closer to customers and begin a real partnership with them.

9. Stay in Touch Using Email Subscription

This is when reading becomes a little personal – a reader gives you his email address. This not only shows the visitor’s trust but also allows you to grow your traffic index.

Having an email subscription section allows you to grow your lead generation and traffic index. Click To Tweet

Apart from that, an email letter can be the beginning of the one-to-one conversation where you offer the newest products or services to a customer. This way, you have a higher number of potential clients and chances to boost your sales.

Lead magnet in blog

10. Use Footer as an Extra Navigation Area

Footer is a great place to put the additional info about your company. On the one hand, readers always have the necessary information. On the other hand, you have some place to tell more about yourself.

Setting up a WordPress blog, consider putting this data into your footer:

  • Contact info: email address and all social media accounts.
  • Links to the pages from the company’s website.
  • Any additional information like the privacy policy or terms of service.

11. Trust WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins can show entrepreneurs the easiest way to start a blog. Because of the number of plugins you constantly have at hand, you don’t have to worry about lots of daily problems.

WordPress plugins

These are several instruments any business owner would like to have:

  • Jetpack is a universal solution dealing with security, traffic growth, the web page’s appearance, and so on.
  • Askimet is an anti-spam plugin.
  • Yoast SEO will help you with search engines.
  • MonsterInsights is the best analytics instrument created by Google.
  • Constant Contact has an expertise in email marketing.

You’re Ready for the First Post!

We hope now you have a common vision of how to start a blog on WordPress. The platform itself made all possible to simplify the creation process. All you have to do is to focus on the structure of your blog and elements necessary to build a strong communication with your customers.

Sliceart has a great expertise in working with WordPress, and we will gladly answer all your questions and help you create a beautiful blog page for your business. Write us to create a unique WordPress blog at info@sliceart.com.ua

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