Top 3 Tech Stacks to Choose to Build Your Web Product

  • Oct 12, 2017
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After considering some theoretical aspects of choosing the right stack for web applications, we’re shifting to the practice. Like we said, the choice is always individual in back-end programming. There is no rush – keep your project in mind, and we’re ready to start.

We have three examples of tech stacks you can use when building a new web product. All of them have already gained popularity among developers with their unique collection of features for projects with different complexity.


Building techs:

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

Stacks are striving to become simpler, that’s why MEAN stack’s architecture presents an alternative approach to the classic back-end set-up. In addition to that, you will get all MEAN elements working on one programming language.

MEAN stack

Key advantages:

  1. The process of development is based on JavaScript – it allows one JavaScript expert to work on the entire project. Plus, it creates a great environment for full-stack web development.
  2. As all instruments support JavaScript, code writing becomes very flexible: the code’s movement from Node.js to AngularJS will be much easier for you now.
  3. Ability to create one-page projects makes MEAN a great stack technology for startups.
  4. The framework is free and open source.
  5. The access to an impressive library and support by a broad community. When you install Node.js, you will get NPM program with it (Node.js Package Manager). One package includes the files needed for a module. And modules are JavaScript libraries, which can be added to your project.

Ability to create one-page projects makes MEAN a great stack technology for startups. Click To Tweet

The Future Chooses MEAN Developers

The world is in love with simplicity. And now we’re talking not only about fashion and style – it’s about the way of thinking. Imagine your application thinking… simple. We see more and more business spheres that want to shake off the heavy burden of old bad rules. eCommerce, education, hospitality, finance, and media – for all of these sectors, MEAN rules are easily applied.

It looks like we’re discussing a great modern stack for app development, because the most famous companies have become really MEAN: Google, Uber, Netflix, PayPal, etc. This is the first time the word “mean” brings some positive vibes to our work.

Mean stack developer


Building techs:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP

This is the most well-known stack technology for web development. Being an experienced player, LAMP stack presents the classical set of tools for back-end development. This platform is also open source and free of charge, would be of use if you want to create a multipage website.

To make the work more convenient, some variations of this stack web technology appeared replacing certain components:

  • WAMP (with the Windows OS)
  • MAMP (with the Mac OS X)
  • XAMP (for any operating system)
  • LAPP (with the PostgreSQL database)

And don’t forget that with time LAMP has gathered a great community all over the world – it means a strong support for developers of all levels.

Technology stack


Building techs:

  • Windows Server
  • IIS (Internet Information Services)
  • SQL Server

Using the WISA technology stack for web applications means you deal with proprietary software – you have to buy its licenses. Instead, you get a united set of techs unlike the set of LAMP. Thanks to ASP.NET, developers can work with Visual C# – a solution which is performed right from the system.

As for script interpreters, they’re not needed at all in contrast with many other stacks which do need them. WISA could be your choice if you deal with complex and challenging projects.

The One and Only Stack for Your Project

No matter what stack you eventually choose, it should be a harmonious complement to the project you work on. And if this alliance doesn’t seem so perfect to you, it’s the first call to change something in your partnership.

The best stack for web development is the one that feels your product, all of its needs and requests. If you want this conversation to be extremely productive, pick speed and simplicity. We decided that our products should be MEAN – and our users will always benefit from this trait.

If you are not sure which technology stack to choose for your web project, get a free consultation by contacting us at .


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