What is Better for Startups: In-house Team, Outsourcing, or Both?

  • Feb 28, 2017
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Outsourcing for startups

Starting your own business is breathtaking and sometimes unsure. When talking about startups the most dictionaries and resources characterize the term as “setting an operation”, “business that just began operation”, “venture that is newly emerged”. But what’s more important “limited in revenue” and in “first stage of operation”.

And when you’ve finally come up with an idea, vision and gotten capital, it’s high time to think about hiring a team. But which kind exactly?

In-house Team

Having the team by your side is good in terms of communication, control, trust, up-to-the-minute feedback, education. You can choose and test whoever you wish and make sure you are comfortable to work with the person.

From the other side, settling down in-house team inevitably involves creating working place, buying devices, paying salary. As startup is a new beginning, its CEO might hire the wrong personnel (due to the lack of experience), fail to clearly explain the idea to the developers or can just be unable to spend extra money on really good specialists.

All in all, in-house team usually suits SME and large-scale business better.

In-house team


Did you know that some of world-famous IT companies, like Skype, Github, Opera and more began their way using outsource staff? If you still question yourself why do companies outsource, we are ready to give some examples.

Hiring outsource web development team means you are working with professionals who will dedicate all their skills, creativity and existing tools to turn your ideas into life. No matter what you’re doing, outsourcing team will do great with UI/UX, graphic design and, of course, development.

Such teams are 100% performance and goal-oriented as the project success will influence the possible future cooperation with your firm. You are deducting salary costs and are off with working place expenses.

Usually finding outsourcing firms is much faster than hiring in-house staff. If you are not happy with developer’s performance you can quickly find another one. Sliceart can dedicate such developers for you (with work experience in startups), so that you could take advantage of direct communication with them using your preferred management tool stack and control their work.

Usually finding an outsourcing company is much faster and cheaper than hiring in-house staff. Click To Tweet

Outsourcing team

Also hiring outsourcing team gives you more mobility and wider choice as you can hire a developer from one outsourcing company and, for example, a web designer from the other one. More likely, working with an outsourcing development team will give an opportunity to turn your ambitious ideas into life from any stage.

Besides, there is no personal factor, as you only evaluate the work performed and it is the only thing that matters. What’s really important you can concentrate on core needs of your venture, its promoting and the outsourcing development team will do all the dev connected work the best way possible.

Anyway, we’d like to sum up the outsourcing benefits one more time.

With the outsourcing development team you get:

  • skillful personnel
  • expenses deduction
  • better time management
  • mobility and wider choice
  • avoiding of personal factor
  • ability to work on your core goals

Outsourcing for startups


Startup not always means the very first steps. What if you have half completed team or it is not fully stacked? Our answer will be finding an outsource developer or a team. They still will save your money, they are perfectly able to work on projects remotely and there are dozens of tools to keep them and your in-house developers in touch. The main task for you here will be deciding which tasks should be performed out of office and working precisely on time management.

Well, there won’t be a perfect solution for everyone. But taking into account peculiarities of the modern IT and global trends, outsourcing in business is getting more and more widespread.

Picking outsourced product development, your startup gets visible and palpable benefits, that for sure will positively redound on your future activity and save money at the very first stages.

Anyway, the choice is yours. Just keep in mind, that the Sliceart team will gladly help with any your idea. So just drop us a line! 😉


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