Why Great Design is Crucial for Your Startup

  • May 22, 2017
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Design for Startup

When you have a perfect solution that works for a customer, it seems like there’s nothing else to care about. But sometimes, there is only one factor that leads a project from a huge success to a complete disaster – the design concept. Why is it so important? We perceive the world around us with our sight in the first place. And you probably want your product to be a part of pleasant everyday activities.

The main factor leading a project from a huge success to a complete disaster – the design concept. Click To Tweet

Your clients don’t know much about the steps you’ve made to be at the right place. What they know is what they feel – how it can’t be important enough?

Let’s come closer to your startup company and its corporate identity – there are 3 basic points to keep in mind:

  • communication strategy
  • UX/UI design (user interface and user experience)
  • branding

Communication Strategy or Where Design Meets Marketing

If you want to survive among competitors, use marketing tools at the very beginning. Where should be put the majority of your efforts? We’re going to talk about online activity.

Our main subject for concern is the basic visual content you use both online and offline. Online platforms go first just because with them much more people will know about you in a little while.

Here, you will work a lot on the graphic design. Beginning with your startup logo, you’ll make a long way from banners for social networks to the unique style of your website.

Design and marketing

The startup’s style must reflect the main product’s concept. This is an example of your online activity scenario:

  • create a pleasant Twitter background
  • a user-friendly Facebook page goes next
  • a template for the email newsletter must match two previous platforms

After these steps, you proceed with your own website. On this stage, your corporate identity will probably become recognizable to the broad audience.

Startup’s style must reflect the main product’s concept to make its corporate identity recognizable. Click To Tweet

UX/UI Design

Web and mobile services – this is something we just can’t live without. How can you get closer to the customer? Right, getting inside his favorite devices. Many entrepreneurs have already used this knowledge for their benefits. Users might want to visit your application as often as possible, so give this opportunity to them with a simple design strategy.

How do UX and UI designers can act in this situation? They can follow the most popular and successful examples: Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. Simplicity is their common trace; they made great user-friendly solutions, which don’t have analogs on the market.

UI/UX design

Imagine that you have a chance to meet each of your users in person. Would you just smile and shake their hands or start with a long story about yourself? The first screens that users see in the app or web page are your salutation – try to catch their attention in few seconds you’ve got.

Look at this marvelous design of Forest’s landing page. Click on the name of your favorite platform – this is how it works! All extra information is down below, and you read it only if you want to.

design of landing page

Branding as Perception Builder

We’re going further now with branding strategies. This is a place where all types of designers come together to create basically a grown-up startup instead of a teenager. It would be mistaken to think that branding is just for big and experienced corporations. Do you want to tell people why you’re here and what you can offer? Do it with grace – create the business culture within your company.

In this part, design for startup is especially important as branding creates the overall impression for clients. The good design evokes positive emotions and builds strong connections between the business and consumer.

Where exactly can branding materials be implemented?

  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • compliment slips
  • brochure
  • electronic signature
  • presentations
  • etc.

branding materials


As you see, business identity eventually penetrates all aspects of your activities. So, it’s better to make sure that you like what you’re wearing.

Now, you barely have questions on how design affects the strategy and tactics of your startup. Depending on the budget, your first spending on the visual constituent may be rather small. But the design way of thinking should follow you wherever you go, so be sure you eventually embody all the ideas, even the most daring ones.

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