Aone:eight (A1:8)

A social donation platform that fulfills the call of Acts 1:8 through nine core causes they believe are central to their participation in God’s mission in the world
  • Frontend

Project Overview

Aone:eight is the missions arm of National Community Church, which seeks to mobilize people, empowered by the Spirit, to do what Jesus did: assisting the poor and oppressed, caring for the sick and sorrowful etc. in every domain, in neighborhoods, city, and around the world.

As a church working together, they fulfill the call of Acts 1:8 through 9 core causes:
  • anti-trafficking
  • homelessness
  • child advocacy
  • peacemaking
  • community development
  • peacemaking
  • evangelism
  • refuge response
  • health

In its turn, service providers see the tasks from potential customers, make offers to those they think they are the best fit for and communicate via MatchFox until they are hired.

The Challenge

Goal: to develop an interactive map for a social donation platform with Mapbox as a base.

Aone:eight is a client of our business partner who came to us with a prototype to help them code a few templates and elements from designed PSD files for an interactive website that utilizes Mapbox and make it responsive and retina ready.

On that map the user had to be able to select a region and a cause he would like to get involved in from the list, then the map would reframe/zoom to that specific region and only the pins that have been categorized with the specific cause would show on the map. Then by clicking on one particular pin the user could see the shelf that slides up with information about the cause and how he can contact them or donate.

image description
image description

The Solution

In terms of this project our team has developed the foundation for web application that utilizes Mapbox API using JavaScript in order to create an interactive map that displays information about volunteer, social and donation organizations.

We have built out responsive HTML/CSS page templates such as homepage, information “shelf” display and modal popups for regions and causes and customized the map.

We ensured that the map is responsive for all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and supported by major browsers (latest Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE11) and operating systems (Windows 7, Mac OS X Mavericks, iOS 7).


The Results

Our team has provided a responsive and customized map on time and within the scope that resulted in gratification of our business partner and his client.

Now the map is working as intended, has easy navigation and filters. It allows users to easily select a region and a cause, zoom in and out the map and pick an organization to contribute to what they do to help people around the world.

responsive web application
easy map navigation
simple region & cause
selection processs
increasing number of people
involved in causes

Client Feedback

  • Kyrylo and his team at Sliceart did a fantastic job developing the front-end of the interactive map website. They were extremely communicative, resourceful and all around easy to work with. I would highly recommend them Dave B.