Farmers' Marketplace

Farmers' marketplace on MEAN Stack
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Project Overview

Farmers’ marketplace is a startup project that helps farmers to sell their homegrown products. It uses map based search, where people can find the farmers and products they produce depending on their location.

For example, if a person wants to find farmers who produce milk or eggs, the application will define his location and show appropriate farmers who meet the category chosen by the user in a certain radius from him.

The Challenge

Goal: to create a key part of the project – an advanced search for a MEAN Stack platform for farmers.

The client turned to us to help them with a startup project for farmers. They had a prototype and well documented stories with acceptance criteria and needed to change the searching method of farmers that was crucial to bring a platform to web.

So we had to create an advanced search based on user’s GPS location using Google Maps API for a MEAN Stack platform that helps farmers sell their homegrown products. Experience in Node.js and Angular2 was essential to realize this project.

The Solution

During the project our team has developed a custom search based on user’s location, radius (1-30 km) and category.

In addition, we have added a placeholder for the custom search, configured an address field, aligned icons and improved radius slider to enhance UI/UX for the platform.

For this project, we utilized our knowledge in Google Maps API, as well as latest approaches in MEAN Stack to deliver an intuitive and high-quality search.


The Results

We have successfully finalized the key functionality of the platform for the correct search of farmers depending on user’s location. As a result the client has received a custom search based on Google Maps API that meets his requirements and expectations.

From now on people can use this application to easily find appropriate farmers near them and buy the products they produce for their specific needs. In its turn, farmers can benefit from this application as well by increasing their chances to get the customers for their output.

image description
image description
easy map navigation
a custom search
based on user’s location
farmers location
in radius of 1-30 km
list of farmers categories

Client Feedback

  • They are a professional team. I hope we can work together in the future too! Viktor B.