Figure it Out (FIO)

A Google Chrome extension for displaying time zones in your browser
  • Frontend

Project Overview

‘Figure it Out’, or FIO, is a Google Chrome extension that beautifully displays the time zones you work and play in. It adds up to ten time zones of your choice to your ‘new tab’ screen, making it easy to schedule meetings, connect with family, and beat jet lag.
h6 It has the following features:

  • auto-location generation
  • 24hr or AM / PM
  • national holidays in your locations
  • grouped locations with the same time zone (up to 3)

You can change the time through typing for each location, or scroll to enjoy the gradients.

New York

The Challenge

Goal: to create a time zone Chrome extension that allows people to quickly see times in locations of their choosing, with high visual appeal.

Having designed the first version of a product and proved the concept by gathering a valuable feedback from the first customers its two founders decided to redirect the product into becoming a Chrome extension with future Google app possibilities.

So they needed a reliable provider to bring their project to the web by converting an existing JavaScript application structure to an MVC architecture and make it possible to make code improvements and updates.

The Solution

Within the project scope, we have created an MVC structure for the Google Chrome extension, dividing bigger files into smaller parts, following single responsibility and DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principles and developed hover effects and the following screens:

  • first time user screen
  • add location
  • updates screen
  • settings
  • travelling time zone creation
  • condense same time zone locations
  • national holidays in locations
  • about section

We helped to create a more maintainable code structure that improves code clarity, transparency, so it can be easily modified in the future.


The Results

We have used Google API for time zones, improved a new tab extension appearance, added an ability to scroll time to future and change your home location.

It has an appealing and colorful look, great functionality and easy navigation. The extension is ready to download and use for your personal needs.

So, basically from now on it will be easier for people who work with different countries to be aware of their time just by looking at a Chrome tab.

modern look & feel
easy time set and
increased number
of downloads
4/5 stars in Chrome
9 500 users

Client Feedback

  • It was a great pleasure working with Kirill / Sliceart. They were able to outperform my expectations on this project and stick to quite a tight deadline. They were very attentive and helpful in pushing the app further than where it started from. I will be looking forward to working with them in the future! Friedrich R.