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Project Overview

Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) is an education and religious platform that transforms research into useful resources for churches and families to help unlock young people’s potential to change the world.

FYI publishes articles, books, downloadable resources on the following topics:
  • practical resources for youth ministry and parenting
  • research-based strategies for integrating young people to create a thriving church
  • different trainings vital to effective urban youth ministry

FYI also provides a list of speakers for educational events so that users can book them on the website by completing a speaker request form.

The Challenge

Goal: to develop a whole frontend part for an education and religious website for youth.

FYI is a client of our business partner who came to us with already designed pages to help code them using Foundation 6.0 as well as assist with CSS, JavaScript and Ajax implementation.

A website had to be convenient for users to navigate and read the articles and at the same time easy to publish and manage the content. It also had to have two additional sections where people could book a speaker from the list for some particular religious event and buy a book of their interest.

The Solution

ExpressionEngine CMS was chosen for this particular project not only because it made it easy to develop a blog portion of the website but also met client’s needs regarding e-commerce bookshop and dashboard functionality.

Together with our client we went a long way of code honing and coming up with a scaled and high-quality codebase that resulted in an outstanding look and feel of the website. In terms of the project we worked on developing Ajax calls for ‘Add to favourite’, ‘Dashboard edit’ and many other functions.

In addition to the website development, we have created an email template with Zurb Foundation 6.0 to ensure a client’s mailing campaign is high-quality and meets his needs in terms of UI/UX.


The Results

Our team has provided responsive and robust HTML/CSS pages based on the modern architecture tools that exactly match the design, has a high-quality codebase with extremely fast performance.

Now it is a fully functional and easy to use online education platform where researchers, leaders and youth ministry practitioners can learn together by sharing online practical resources and articles and having world-class Urban Ministry trainings. The platform also allows to book speakers for religious events and has an online store of books for parents and churches.

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