Greatest Good

One of the biggest charity platforms, where people donate their time to raise money for causes they care about
  • Frontend

Project Overview

Greatest Good is committed to building a community of experts from every industry and allows highly sought-after professionals to raise money by providing business advice and consulting, while commanding the market value of their time. This way, Advisors can “donate their rate” and truly do the greatest good for the causes they love.

People can browse the community of industry experts based on their topic(s) of interest, learn more about Advisors and what charitable organization they support from their profile pages and then book a session with them. Once the session is over, the funds are released to the designated charity.

The Challenge

Goal: to create a high-quality, responsive frontend markup for more than 30 beautifully designed pages.

Greatest Good is a non-profit organization that came to us with already beautifully designed pages to help them bring their idea to life and create an easy to use charity platform.

The platform had to be convenient for both types of users:
  • Advisors, who select a type of business they can provide consultation and a charitable organization to donate money
  • people looking for advice, who select Advisors by filter and book a video chat with them

The payment process must also have been as simple as possible to let donations go directly to the charitable organizations without transaction costs included.

The Solution

Within the framework of this project, we used a pattern-lab approach that divides all of the page components into different elements (atoms, molecules, organisms) and produced a cutting-edge and fully responsive website with:
  • UI Kit
  • infinite scroll functionality
  • profile filtering (edited)
  • atomic design, SMACSS approach

In addition, our team made a WordPress implementation of the blog portion of the site which includes convenient administration of the basic site components.

Atomic Design and Markup


The Results

Now Greatest Good is a fully responsive and user-friendly platform where everyone can make a valuable contribution to society and support a charitable organization by setting a session with professionals from different industries.

It has convenient user dashboard, advisor dashboard and profile, booking and payment systems as well as an ability to easily sort and filter Advisors based on business needs of the user.

image description
image description
fully responsive website
easy profile filtering
increasing number
of booking sessions
constant growth
of registered Advisors
rise of funds released
to charities

Client Feedback

  • The Sliceart team was helpful, professional and timely with delivery. They were prompt in answering questions and flexible in finding solutions to our requests while still being mindful of our budget. The work that they delivered was excellent and it was a pleasure working with them Greatest Good Team