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An application displaying social news feed from Facebook and Instagram
  • Frontend

Project Overview

An application that is intended to display social news feed from Facebook and Instagram through news lists with the possibility of filtering.

It makes it comfortable for people to have all the relevant information from social networks just in one place and keep up to date with the latest news from their followers.

The Challenge

Goal: to create basic social feed application using Ionic Creator.

The main idea of the client was to build a simple and easy to use social feed application that would gather all posts from Facebook and Instagram and display them in one place.

The application had to be created entirely inside Ionic Creator (a drag-&-drop prototyping tool for creating apps with just a click of the mouse) using a custom code. Also we had to create basic well-documented functionality so that the client could expand upon.

The Solution

Within the project, our team developed a fully customizable Ionic application based on the JSON data from social networks.

We have implemented the following features:
  • conversion of remote JSON feed into list of posts
  • various filters from JSON feed based on user interactions
  • detail view of individual items from the list
  • highlighting the active button to see which filter is applied
  • some kind of spinner while fetching feed
  • pull-to-refresh
  • a search bar for news


The Results

A social feed application was successfully built and delivered to the client on time and with high quality of code. All its features were implemented in accordance to client requirements and some work was done on improving app performance.

Now it is a functional and user-friendly application that displays social news feed from Facebook and Instagram where users can see posts of their followers and read them with just a click of the mouse. Convenient filter allows to sort news for latest 6, 12, 24 hours.

posts from two social
networks in one place
easy app navigation
high app performance
convenient filtering
for 6, 12, 24 hours

Client Feedback

  • Although this was a new technology (Ionic Creator) Kyrylo was incredibly fast to pick up on this and deliver great quality work Soeren P.