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Project Overview

PulseTile is an open source platform aimed at managing document and human turnover crafted for hospitals. It began as an effort to improve the usability of health IT at the clinical frontline. It helps healthcare professionals automate their work by gathering patients’ details in one place and keeping and managing their records.

It contains all the information about the patients of hospitals, in particular:
  • patient medical history
  • meetings with a doctor
  • diagnostics
  • x-ray examinations
  • medical analysis
  • etc.

The Challenge

Goal: to create clear & user-friendly designs and develop a frontend part for a huge healthcare platform.

PulseTile is a project of a clinically led team, Ripple Foundation, working towards and supporting the move to an open platform fit for 21st century health and care. The aim of this project was to create the most useful UI/UX framework in healthcare that clinicians would want to use.

Therefore, the client turned to us to help them design and build a healthcare platform with great user interface and usability and a range of features (like data visualization, X-ray photographs processing etc.) for intuitive ease of use. It had to contain all relevant information about patients observed at hospitals and allow to easily manage it by clinicians in their work.

The Solution

Within the project our strong UI/UX designers (together with a client design team) and JavaScript developers have created a pool of pages with functionality of different complexity using the principles of user centred design and Agile development.

With the challenge of great usability in mind, we made the interface of web application clean and user-friendly. At the same time, having tailored the open platform solution to users own individual requirements, we have created a mobile version to enhance user experience and usability.

To make a healthcare platform useful and meaningful, we have implemented the following features:
  • advanced search (with date-range feature)
  • patient listing and its filtering
  • patient dashboard
  • patient sections (e.g. diagnoses, medications, allergies, vaccination pages, personal notes etc.)
  • patient summary data selector
  • charts
  • multi-patient view
  • admin panel
  • system dashboard (which includes patients by setting, age, geography)
  • appointments schedule
  • notification pop-ups
  • etc.

Also, we have developed UI Kit (Style Guide) with its component parts to easily maintain, change and extend the application in the future in accordance with hospitals custom needs.



The Results

It was a long-term and challenging project that has resulted in a fully functional and responsive healthcare UI framework that was delivered to the client on time and within the scope.

Now it is an innovative web and mobile healthcare record application with an advanced hospital dashboard for both healthcare professionals and citizens to use. Being based on the needs of small communities, the platform’s flexible approach allows to meet the demand of small departments, as well as regional ca

PulseTile combines a range of clinical features and provides key information about the patients in just several clicks. The platform is well maintainable and scalable, so that any hospital can customize and use it for its specific needs in the future.

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maintainable & scalable
on all devices
intuitive &
user-friendly design
UI Kit to customise
implementations locally
open source material

Client Feedback

  • Sliceart has been a 1st class company to work with during our refactoring project. The team demonstrated real understanding of the project and their technical expertise has been clearly evidenced in the work they have undertaken. The team has a great work ethic, is responsive and clearly communicated at each step of the way. We can highly recommend Sliceart and will be working with the team again shortly as part of hopefully a long term relationship. True professionalism from Sliceart, thank you. Tony Sh.