Swiss Map Customization

A Swiss map customization for an application which prints high-resolutions maps on high quality paper
  • Frontend

Project Overview

A Swiss map customization is a part of an application development project created by a software development company from Switzerland. The application is aimed to print high-resolutions maps on high quality paper.

The Challenge

Goal: to improve customer’s map project using Mapbox Studio.

The client from Switzerland asked us to help them with a Swiss map customization for their application development project.

They used the technology of Mapbox, an open source mapping platform for custom designed maps, and were looking for a partner with experience in maps styling with Mapbox Studio to adapt an existing map style to their styling requirements (e.g. country borders, colors of the contours, fonts etc.), so that everything would be clearly readable on the printed map.

The Solution

Using Mapbox studio our team has improved the readability of all the objects on the printed map of Switzerland, especially names of villages, names of hamlets, paths, etc. based on different zoom levels as well as made some small alterations in color schemes for certain objects.

We have done our best to get the map similar to Swiss map look in terms of the colors of overall appearance and how streets, smaller-streets, paths etc. are rendered.


The Results

We delivered all of the necessary styling for a Swiss map and, as Mapbox elements have different appearance, within different scale that resulted in fulfillment of client’s requirements in a timely manner.

Now the map looks very similar to the original map of Switzerland, is convenient to use and all the objects are well readable on the printed map. It allows travellers and other kinds of people to easily find any point on the map to get to their final destination.

image description
image description
high quality data
improved readability
of the objects
stickness to Swiss
map look
convenient printed map
for any users

Client Feedback

  • Kyrylo and his fellows adapted a map-style in Mapbox Studio according to my custom needs. It's a pleasure to work with Kyrylo. Many thanks! Andreas P.